Harai Judo

Instructor: Jim Harai

Jim has been a practitioner of Judo for the past 45 years. Jim started his Judo career in Okinawa, Japan and has continued his Judo all over the United States. Jim is currently a 5th Dregree Black Belt and obtained his Kodokan Shodan (1st Degree) at 16 years of age. Jim has competed in several hundred regional, national, and international Judo competitions.

Jim is currently the Head Judo Instructor of Oak Tree Judo in McKenna, WA and Hammer Head MMA in Olympia, WA. Jim provides a wealth of instructor experience to the Tacoma Judo scene. 


* 3 Time State High School  Champion

* All Marines Judo Champion

* 2 Time ALL Army Judo Champion

* 2 Time Armed Forces Champion

* Police, Fire Games Champion

* Multiple Time International Placer 


* USJF National Judo Coach

* USJF Self Defense Instructor

* Master Coach Instructor

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